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Mushroom Clouds in Paradise and the Nuclear Zen – the Uranium Film Festival in Berlin

On the occasion of the anniversary of the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl, two documentary films on the topic of nuclear dangers were shown in the Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin.
9 May 2018 - ICBUW

The event was well-attended and offered the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion. The special screening was hosted by the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF), which will take place in Berlin for the sixth time in October 2018 to crown the most impressive films on the topic.

Uranium in Mov(i)ement: Klaus Mindrup, Michael Saup, Professor Manfred Mohr and Franka Brüggen (FLTR) during the panel discussion.

Uranium in Mov(i)ement: Klaus Mindrup, Michael Saup, Professor Manfred Mohr and Franka Brüggen (FLTR) during the panel discussion.

After a welcome and condensed introduction to the vastness of the universe by the planetarium’s director Tim Florian Horn, the screening started with "Nuclear Zen", which documents a conversation with the Japanese cultural anthropologist and environmental activist Keibo Oiwa. The movie’s director, Berlin-based artist Michael Saup, who participated in the event, shared some thoughts on his artistic approach and answered questions from the audience.

The second documentary “Greetings from Moruroa” (orig. Bons baisers de Moruroa), by Larbi Benchiha, which won a Uranium Film Festival trophy, in addition to other awards last year, looks at the consequences of French nuclear tests in Polynesia. In this movie numerous veterans involved in the tests in the South Pacific tell their story and portray the consequences of radiation exposure, and their struggle for recognition of the impact on them and their families.

Eventually, the panel, consisting of Klaus Mindrup, member of the German Bundestag and Patron of the Uranium Film Festival, the artist Michael Saup and the experts and activists Professor Manfred Mohr (ICBUW) and Franka Brüggen (IPPNW), opened the discussion with the audience. Besides the two documentaries, participants discussed international law, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and how best to engage with anti-nuclear initiatives. Even though the indignation about the use and testing of nuclear weapons, and how states deal with victims was noticeable in the room, the focus was on the question of what can be done about nuclear dangers, concretely and by individuals. The representatives’ points of view, from very different fields of activity, in interaction with the audience, created a engaging dialogue.

Jutta Wunderlich, who represented the IUFF and guided the audience through this interesting and poignant evening, announced that the 6th festival in Berlin will take place from the 9th to 14th October 2018. More “atomic movies” and worthwhile discussions can be expected at the festival.