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ICBUW's Steering Committee members have considerable expertise in the issue of uranium weapons. The individuals below are available for interview. Please direct all media enquiries to the international office -

Bridge 5 Mill
22a Beswick Street
M4 7HR

Doug Weir
Position - Coordinator
Location - UK
Topics - International and UK overview.
Language - English

Dr Katsumi Furitsu
Position - Science Team
Location - Japan
Topics - Health effects of uranium weapons.
Language - Japanese/English

Prof. Manfred Mohr
Position - Legal Advisor
Location - Germany
Topics - Legal status and German campaign.
Language - German/English

Gretel Munroe
Position - Science Team
Location - US
Topics - Post-conflict assessments and US veteran testing and affairs.
Language - English

Prof. Kazashi Nobuo
Position - ICBUW Japan
Location - Japan
Topics - Asia/Pacific campaign.
Language - Japanese/English

Ria Verjauw
Position - Belgian Coalition Stop Uranium Weapons
Location - Belgium
Topics - European campaign and Belgian domestic situation.
Language - French/English/Dutch