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Pakistani NDC 125mm APFSDS round

Domestically produced round for T-80UD tanks

Pakistani 125mm APFSDS round at IDEX 2002

In 2001 Jane's reported that a DU based 125mm Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) round had been developed in Pakistan by the National Development Complex for use with Pakistan's Ukrainian built T-80UD tanks. The round was apparently displayed at the IDEX arms fair in the United Arab Emirates. The photo shows a model of this round, apparently displayed at IDEX the following year.

The round is said to be able to penetrate over 550mm of rolled homogeneous armour. It apparently shares design features with Chinese tungsten rounds produced by Norinco, which are also produced under license in Pakistan.

In 1998 it was reported in the Pakistani press that large numbers of DU rounds had been imported from China. It may well be the case that this included 120mm rounds.