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ICBUW Science Team member wins Nuclear Free Future Award

ICBUW’s Dr Katsumi Furitsu is among the five winners of 2012’s Nuclear Free Future Awards for her work on publicising the impact of the Fukushima disaster.
4 July 2012 - ICBUW

Dr Katsumi Furitsu ICBUW Science Team and Steering Committee member Dr Katsumi Furitsu has been honoured by the German-based Nuclear Free Future Awards (NFFA).

The award, under the category of education, is in recognition of her 30 years work publicising the impact of radiation on communities across the world. This has included work with the Japanese Hibakusha, with communities affected by the fallout from Chernobyl, with indigenous communities contaminated by uranium mining and of course the impact of depleted uranium munitions. Since March 2011, Dr Furitsu has been communicating the health and social impact of the Fukushima disaster to colleagues and campaigners in Japan and around the world.

"It continues to be a great privilege to work with Dr Furitsu who, as a founding member of ICBUW has helped guide our evidence-based approach to the DU campaign," said an ICBUW spokesperson. "Katsumi works tirelessly to support all those affected by radiation - she is a gifted scientist and a true humanitarian.

Launched in 1998, the Nuclear-Free Future Award (NFFA) recognises the work of anti-nuclear activists, organisations and communities. The award is intended to promote the opposition to uranium mining, nuclear weapons and nuclear power.

The NFFA is a project of the Franz Moll Foundation for the Coming Generations and gives out awards in three categories: Resistance ($10,000 prize), Education ($10,000 prize) and Solutions ($10,000 prize). Additional optional categories are Lifetime Achievement and Special Recognition (contemporary work of art). The award ceremonies take place all around the world.

The 2012 Awards Ceremony, which will be run in cooperation with IPPNWSwitzerland, will take place on 29th September in Heiden, Switzerland.


Nuclear Free Future Awards (NFFA)