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US campaigners need your help to lobby Clinton ahead of UN DU vote

US campaigners from ICBUW, WILPF, VFP, Pax Christi US, Pax Christi International and FoE US have launched an online petition which calls for the US to stop opposing depleted uranium resolutions at the UN and are urging supporters to sign-up online.
10 August 2012 - ICBUW logo US campaigners from the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Veterans for Peace (VFP), Pax Christi US, Pax Christi International, Friends of the Earth US and ICBUW are calling for support for an online petition urging US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop the US from opposing UN resolutions on depleted uranium weapons.

This autumn a fourth resolution on DU weapons will be tabled at the United Nations. It won't ban the weapons but with good support it will get us closer to that goal. Just four states are voting against the resolutions, the US, UK, France and Israel. Of these, the US is by far the largest user of DU weapons.