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UK veteran launches petition calling on UK and US to stop opposing DU resolutions and to take responsibility for Iraqi clean-up

Ben Griffin, a veteran who served with the Parachute Regiment and UK Special Forces has launched a new petition in response to the recent UN First Committee vote on DU.
7 November 2014 - ICBUW

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Griffin who has spoken out on the conduct of the Iraq War says that he: “…was not surprised last week when I heard the UK and US had voted against a United Nations General Assembly Resolution that asked states to provide help to Iraq in dealing with DU contamination and for UN agencies to carry out more research into its potential negative effects on public health and the environment.”

In response, he has launched a petition via aimed at US Secretary of State John Kerry and UK Defence Minister Philip Hammond that urges the US and UK to not vote against the new resolution when it comes up again at the UN General Assembly in early December.

As a father of three, he says he is deeply troubled by the reported public health crisis in Iraq, with health problems thought to be linked to exposure to DU and other conflict pollutants. "As a former soldier who fought in Iraq, I can safely say that this is not why I joined the British Army,” says Griffin. “Nor do I believe that many other soldiers are happy with the fact that they are being made complicit with these acts.”

At the UN last month Iraq once again called for help from the international community in assessing the country’s pollution problems and in clearing DU. "We must support the people of Iraq, which is why I am demanding that the UK and US support the current UN resolution. Please add your voice to this campaign and demand that the US and UK take responsibility for their actions." 

Please sign the petition and share among your networks and on social media: