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Activist's toolkit / militants boîte à outils / Werkzeugkasten / cassetta degli attrezzi / caja de herramientas / Aktivistens verktøykasse

Below are some useful texts for campaigners. It is a complex issue and we have done our best to present it in as simple a way as possible. All our briefings are fully referenced and use only peer-reviewed data. Toolkit logo Should you notice any errors or have further questions about the content of our materials, please contact us using the form on the left hand menu.

For background information on the scientific and legal arguments relating to uranium weapons, please visit our resources section where many of the issues are covered in more detail. For hard copies of our 12-page briefing, please contact the office.

Campaign Leaflet/Flugblatt-Kampagne/Campagna Foglietto/Campaña de folleto/Kampanje-folder/Kampanjen broschyr

ICBUW has produced a new campaign leaflet on DU, hard copies are available from the office or the following link is to a print ready A4 version should you wish to print your own: Download print version of leaflet PDF (2.5MB)

We have also produced a low resolution web friendly version of leaflet PDF (1.6MB) for download.

Dépliant de campagne contre l'uranium appauvri de l'ICBUW: télécharger (0.8MB)

Auch in deutscher Sprache: Download deutsche Sprachversion PDF (1.1MB)

ICBUW di uranio impoverito campagna foglietto ora disponibile in italiano: scaricare la versione in lingua italiana PDF (0.7MB)

El folleto informativo de ICBUW está disponible en español, para uso electrónico o para imprimir. electrónico PDF (0.8MB) imprimir PDF (1.8MB)

Last ned en PDF av ICBUW’s kampanje-folder “Forby utarmet uran” på norsk, til utskrift eller nett-bruk.

ICBUW utarmat uran kampanj broschyr "Förbjud uranvapen!" på svenska, för utskrift, för nedladdning.

Campaign Photo Postcards: BAN DU NEXT!
Postcard 1

Photo-postcards for the international campaign to ban uranium weapons are now available.

One set contains 8 postcards featuring the photos of our major engagements beginning with Hiroshima Citizens’ Survey Trip to the “graveyard of tanks” in southern Iraq (Dec. 2002) and the “NO WAR NO DU!” opinion ad in the New York Times (March 24, 2003), and leading up to the Candle Message: “BAN DU NEXT” (Nov. 2008). The captions on the reverse sides include essential information regarding uranium weapons and the international efforts to ban them.

Postcard montage

In March 2007 the first domestic law to ban DU weapons was passed in Belgium. In December 2008, the Cluster Munitions Ban Treaty was signed in Oslo and the UN General Assembly adopted, by a landslide, its second resolution regarding the military use of DU, requesting its agencies to update their positions on the health and environmental effects of DU weapons.

Let’s join our forces to seize the unique momentum created by these epoch-making developments. Please send these postcards to your representatives, diplomats, and NGOs around the world in order to alert them to the urgent nature of the DU problem and convey our concerted appeal: “BAN DU NEXT! Save Children! Save the Earth!”

NO DU Hiroshima Project/ICBUW Hiroshima Office

Size: 12 x 16.5 centimetres. Samples of the postcards and the captions are also uploaded at:
Postcards are available at $5 per set plus shipping, for bulk orders of more than 10 sets, we can provide them at $3 per set plus shipping.For orders and inquiries, please contact:

Children of the Gulf War
Children of the Gulf War: A Different Nuclear War Children of the Gulf War: A Different Nuclear War
Photos and Text by Takashi Morizumi

Children of the Gulf War: A Different Nuclear War Edited and Published by GABDUW=Global Association for Banning Depleted Uranium Weapons


25,000 copies published;
First Printing on August 1, 2002:
Second Printing on October 1, 2002:
Third Printing on November 1, 2002.

To order copies of Children of the Gulf War ($5.00 each plus shipping; for orders of 20 or more, $4.00 each plus shipping), or to obtain more information, please contact the following:
NO DU Hiroshima Project
home page:
P.O. Box 3, Aki-Itsukaichi, Hiroshima, 731-5191 Japan