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The Human Cost of Uranium Weapons Exhibition, 14th-16th May, Brussels.

ICBUW and the European Parliament Greens/European Free Alliance have teamed up with acclaimed Japanese photographer Naomi Toyoda to present an exhibition of his work in the European Parliament this May.
23 March 2007 - ICBUW

The Human Cost of Uranium Weapons Exhibition
European Parliament, Wiertzstraat, Brussels
14,15,16 May 2007

On the 14,15 and 16 of May, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons will present the latest evidence of a link between the use of depleted uranium munitions and ill health at the European Parliament in Brussels. The event will be marked with an exhibition by the Japanese photographer Naomi Toyoda, who has travelled extensively around Iraq documenting at first hand the rapid increase in the level of cancers and birth defects following the 1991 and 2003 wars.

Monday 14 May - Exhibition Opening Reception, 18h

Distribution Space 3rd floor, ASP building.

Naomi Toyoda - Photographer, Japan
Els de Groen - MEP (Netherlands)
Dr Caroline Lucas - MEP (UK)
Haruko Moritaki - Executive Director, NO DU Hiroshima Project

Tuesday 15 May - Working for a Ban, 9:30h - 12.30h

Room: ASP 1G2.

Dr Jawad Al-Ali - Director Cancer Centre Basra Teaching Hospital, Iraq
Dr Katsumi Furitsu - Radiobiologist and Geneticist, Japan
Dr Thomas Fasy - Specialist in Uranium Toxicology and Autoimmune Diseases, USA
Gerard Matthew - Iraq Veteran, USA
Nobuo Kazashi - ICBUW Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Area, Japan
Emmanuel Jacob - President of EUROMIL Europe
Wim van den Burg - President of EUROMIL Netherlands
15h press/media/personal interviews

Wednesday 16 May - Closing Ceremony, 13h

Exhibition, Distribution Space 3rd floor, ASP building

13h closing ceremony
14h press/media/personal interviews

Concerns over the use of uranium weapon systems, and the health effects they have on civilians and soldiers alike, have triggered huge quantities of research into uranium’s chemical toxicity and radioactivity. The overwhelming message coming from researchers is that the health risks have been underestimated. Uranium compounds have the ability to damage life at its basest level – through the disruption of cellular pathways and DNA. At a time when nations are seeking an expansion of uranium mining, nuclear power and highly advanced weaponry, it is imperative that we introduce strict controls in order to limit human exposure to these substances.

Since 2001, the European Parliament has made repeated calls for a moratorium to be introduced on the use of uranium weapons. More recently those calls have been hardened into demands for an outright ban. In March, Belgium became the first country in the world to ban uranium weapons and armour. This ruling was based on the Precautionary Principle, invoked following damning evidence of uranium’s chemical toxicity.

With more than 80 member organisations, ICBUW is providing a focus for civil society groups worldwide, disturbed by the continuing reports of cancers and birth defects from areas where uranium weapons have been used.

To register for this event please contact:

ICBUW Europe:
Tel: +32 (0)16 48 00 36 (+voice mail)
Mob: 0474 75 66 68

Office of Els de Groen MEP
+32 (0)2 284 7480

The event is a joint initiative by the European Greens/EFA Group and The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

Invitation to EP exhibition

Below is a selection of some of the images taken by Naomi Toyoda that will be appearing in the exhibition. A brief slideshow is available to view at the No DU Hiroshima Project's English site:

Selection of images from the forthcoming EP exhibition

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