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  • At home
    You’d be surprised what you can achieve just by sitting at home...
  • At the bank
    ICBUW members are actively campaigning to stop banks investing in companies who produce DU weapons, cluster munitions and land mines.
  • Petition
    Join more than 200,000 people worldwide by signing our petition. You can do it online or download a petition sheet from our activist's tools section.
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    Our work is dependent on independent donations, you can donate with Paypal by credit or debit card, even if you are not a member.
  • Toolkit
    Tools and information for campaigners.
  • 6/11 day of action6/11 day of action
    November 6th is the International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium Weapons. It also happens to be the United Nations' Day for Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment during Wars and Armed Conflicts. Events take place worldwide so check here for what's near you or email us with your own plans.

    Please get in touch at

    For inspiration for designing and planning events, please check our event archive below.

    Resources include:
    Campaign leaflets as print or screen ready PDFs.

    The animation When the Dust Settles which can be downloaded in full - right click and save as (611MB)

    Copies of the international petition.

    If you are planning an event, stunt or action, please let us know and we will post details of it on the ICBUW website.