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Soviet T-80 Main Battle Tank

First produced in 1976 with a 125mm gun

Soviet T-80 Main Battle Tank

The T-80 tank came into service in 1976. Several different variants are available, including the T-80U upgrade dating from 1985. Along with other modern Soviet and Russian tanks, it is fitted with the 125mm 2A46 gun. As such it is capable of firing Russian 125mm DU rounds such as the 3VBM-13 APFSDS and the 3BK-17 HEAT-FS.

A range of non-DU APFSDS and HEAT rounds are also available for Russian 125mm guns, as well as Fragmentation High Explosive rounds and guided missiles. There is little information on whether DU ammunition is currently standard ammunition in Russian tanks, but without strong evidence to the contrary it must be assumed that it still plays a role.

The T-80 is a development of the T-64 tank. There are thought to currently be around 1200 T-80s in the Russian armed forces. It is produced at the Omsk Transport Machine-Building Plant.