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Soviet T-62 Main Battle Tank

Soviet made tank with 115mm gun

Soviet T-62 Tank

The T-62 was first produced in 1962, and was equipped with a 115mm 2A20 gun. This gun is compatible with the 3UBM-13 APFSDS round, as well as a range of non-DU ammunition. The T-62 is a development from the earlier T-54 and T-55 series of tanks.

The T-62 was mostly replaced by the 1980s and there are thought to be only 100 left in Russian service, but that around several thousand are kept in storage. The T-62 has been very widely exported, and is still in service in a number of countries. ICBUW is not aware of any evidence that DU ammunition has been exported to these countries, however it seems likely that the armed forces of ex-Soviet states are still equipped with Soviet era ammunition for tank forces, which may include DU rounds.