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Scottish parliamentarians praise DU protest plans

33 MSPs have supported a parliamentary motion congratulating the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium for its planned protest at the UK's DU firing range in Scotland.
31 October 2013 - ICBUW

A protest set to take place on Tuesday November 6th at the Dundrennan firing range in Dumfries and Galloway has attracted the backing of Members of the Scottish Parliament. Aileen McLeod, SNP MSP for Dumfries and Galloway has submitted a motion congratulating the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium for its opposition to the range and ongoing work for a DU ban.

The full text of the motion is below and it has so far received the support of 33 independent, Green and Scottish Nationalist Party MSPs.

Motion S4M-08103: Aileen McLeod, South Scotland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 30/10/2013

International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium Weapons

That the Parliament notes that 6 November 2013 is the International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium Weapons and the United Nations' Day for the Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict; understands that the Ministry of Defence has fired depleted uranium munitions into the Solway Firth as part of its test firing programme for over 30 years; believes that more than 31 tonnes of depleted uranium remain at the bottom of the Solway Firth; notes that this November will see a demonstration against the test firing of depleted uranium munitions at Dundrennan, and congratulates the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium on its ongoing work to outlaw the use of such munitions.


Supported by: Joan McAlpine, Annabelle Ewing, Bill Kidd, Stuart McMillan, Chic Brodie, John Finnie, Roderick Campbell, Christina McKelvie, David Torrance, Patrick Harvie, Kenneth Gibson, Colin Keir, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Rob Gibson, Gil Paterson, Colin Beattie, Jamie Hepburn, Bruce Crawford, Fiona McLeod, Maureen Watt, Stewart Maxwell, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Linda Fabiani, Alison Johnstone, Angus MacDonald, John Mason, Jean Urquhart, Clare Adamson, Mark McDonald.

For more information on the protest, please contact Should you wish to organise your own demonstration or Day of Action event, see our site for ideas.