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  • DU Info Pack

    A 15 page introductory booklet on depleted uranium
    4 October 2006 - ICBUW
  • ICBUW Report to the United Nations 2006

    The International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, is writing on the occasion of the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflicts to urge the U.N. to consider a ban on uranium weapons, specifically depleted uranium weapons, which have been used in at least four wars and most recently in urban areas in the Iraq War of 2003.
    22 November 2006 - ICBUW
  • Health Effects of DU 2006

    A 57 page guide to the latest research on DU's health hazards.
    4 October 2006 - Gretel Munroe
  • November 2005 Geneva Lobby Report

    Report from ICBUW November 2005 Lobby at the UN in Geneva
    4 October 2006 - ICBUW
  • ICBUW Conference Reader, Brussels 2005

    The Brussels 2005 ICBUW Conference Reader is now available to download as a PDF.
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW