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Proving harm is complex

A visual guide to the variables involved in performing an accurate civilian risk assessment for depleted uranium.
17 October 2014 - ICBUW

We are often asked by diplomats, NGOs and the public, most of whom are far more familiar with the civilian impact of explosive weapons like mines or cluster munitions, whether we can 'prove' that DU is harming civilians. As it's a complicated question, we have prepared a handy graphic to guide you through some of the measurements, data points and knowledge that you need to accurately quantify the risks from the residue from the use of DU weapons.

The guide is based on the source-pathway-receptor model that is the standard for determing the risks from environmental contaminants. The complexity and difficulty involved is yet another reason why precaution is the best approach. Although it's clear that the simplest and safest solution is not to release DU into the environment in the first place.


Proving harm is complex

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  • Proving Harm is Complex

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    Simple guide to the complex task of determining the health risks from depleted uranium exposure.