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Next generation French 120mm uranium round. Reported to be under development in the early 2000s, but not thought to be produced in large numbers

The PROCIPAC (PROjectile CInetique a Penetration Accrue) round is the successor to the current in service French DU round, the OFL 120 F2. It was reported as being under development in 2000, though there are no indications that it has been brought into full service.

It is known to be based around a uranium penetrator with a length-to-diameter ratio of 30:1, and to be heavier than the OFL 120 F2. When fired, however, it leaves the muzzle of the gun at the same velocity as the F2.

At that time it was being tested at the Etablissement Technique de Bourges range, where previous French DU rounds were also tested, and it was found to penetrate tank armour further than the F2. It may be that a decision was taken to bring the round to the point where it was ready for production in anticipation of future developments in tank armour, but not to begin production.