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Play Top Crumps with CADU

This autumn, take part in Top Crumps, CADU's creative peace challenge. Help us celebrate a dear friend and share your message of peace with the world.
1 October 2009 - ICBUW

November 6th is the International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium. After hundreds of you wrote to the UK Foreign Secretary last year, this year, CADU invites you to take part in: TOP CRUMPS

Top Crumps intro

Top Crumps instructions

We would like to invite you to take part in Top Crumps, a creative peace project in memory of our friend, committed campaigner and long-term supporter Richard Crump. Richard was known to many by his handmade placards and banners, which were often to be seen on demonstrations or at conferences and actions across the UK and beyond.

In light of his creativity and wit, we are inviting organisations and individuals to create their own placards and slogans and to send a photograph of themselves with them to us at CADU. There will be a prize for the best submission, with extra points being granted for the location of the photo. Full instructions are below and in the attached leaflet at the end of this article.

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About Richard: Until his death in December 2008, Richard had been many things - merchant seaman, chauffeur, steam locomotive stoker and psychiatric nurse - but it is as a dogged activist - more often than not brandishing one of his inimitable home-made placards - that he will be best remembered.

Richard Crump, March 2008 During his 85 years, he had campaigned tenaciously against nuclear weapons, camped out on the Iraqi-Saudi border in an effort to halt the 1991 Gulf War, attended weekly vigils against the Iraqi sanctions regime and in 2003, was arrested while blockading Britain’s Northwood military nerve centre as a new Iraqi invasion loomed.

Richard was hugely supportive of CADU’s campaign against uranium weapons and was out leafleting on the issue just days before his death. We would like to mark his passing and contribution to the peace movement with a project reflecting both his creativity and spirit: Top Crumps.

The winner of Top Crumps will be the person or organisation that manages to think of the most effective, interesting or amusing slogan; write it on a piece of paper, material or card and have a photo of themselves taken at an interesting location. Possible locations might include military bases, government buildings, banks, arms manufacturers, peace camps or conferences. The choice is up to you.

Step 1: Choose a slogan.
As a keen supporter of CADU, Richard often based his around the use of DU and its effects on civilian populations in countries where it has been used, particularly Iraq. But he also produced a variety of peace and anti-war messages so get creative with their content. His friend and fellow campaigner Milan Rai has put some of his placards on the photo-sharing site Flickr:

Step 2: Create your placard. Ever practical, Richard used whatever came to hand, typically black paint or a marker pen on material or cardboard. Take some inspiration from the examples in the jpegs above, or our Crump #1 below. Follow his style but use your own content.

Step 3: Send us a photo. We are creating an online gallery of your images in Richard’s memory. His were often seen on the railings at the UK parliament, at demonstrations and conferences. Place your placard wherever you feel that people would benefit from your message of peace, then email a jpeg to or send prints to the address below. There will be a prize for the best Top Crump - that means the most inventive location and creative slogan.

CADU Bridge 5 Mill,
22a Beswick St,
Manchester. UK
M4 7HR.
Tel/fax: 0161 273 8293

Crump #1
Dave Cullen starting Top Crumps at the UN in Geneva

In this Top Crump, Dave Cullen delivers a message to the UN in Geneva on World Peace Day: 8/10 for location, 7/10 for content. Where could you Top Crump?


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