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Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons established in Oslo

On November 9th 2008 a Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons was formed in Oslo. The network aims to coordinate campaigns against uranium weapons in all five Nordic countries and share skills and experience.
21 November 2008 - Anita Lilburn

Members of the Network so far are ARK (Action Group Against Radioactive Warfare), the Norwegian section of WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom), the Finnish Network Against Uranium Weapons and MFIK (Menningar-og Fridarsamtökin) from Iceland.

The Swedish spokesperson is Anita Lilburn, Stockholm, the Norwegian spokesperson is Susanne Urban, Bergen and the Finnish spokesperson is Anna-Liisa Mattsoff, Helsinki. The Icelandic spokesperson is Gudridur Sigurbjörnssdottir, Reykjavik. We have also contacted likely people in Denmark but have had no reply so far. Hopefully we will eventually have a complete Nordic network.

Nordic flags

The first job for the new-born Network was the drafting of a letter to the Swedish and Danish foreign ministers. They represent the two Nordic countries that did not vote in favour of the resolution in the UN First Committee on October 31st. In the letter we urge these governments to follow the example of the other three Nordic countries and vote yes in the General Assembly in December. We emphasise the importance of the Nordic countries standing united in the vital issues of disarmament.

This letter will be sent by mail to the foreign ministers but in the case of the Swedish government we will also deliver it in person. Unfortunately we have not yet a contact in Denmark who could do this. We also plan to send copies of the letter to the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Defence and relevant committees in the Parliament.

We are also planning a Nordic Conference on Uranium Weapons some time in April or May next year.