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No-DU Week

A whole week of events in Italy against Depleted Uranium, together with two japanese photographers.
1 November 2006 - Francesco Iannuzzelli

In order to bring awareness on Depleted Uranium and on the environmental impact of the wars in the Balkans and Middle East, a whole week of meetings and conferences has been organised by a network of italian associations.

The two japanese photo-journalists Naomi Toyoda and Hitoshi Shimizu, authors of the video-documentary "Unknown Terror of DU - Iraqi children now", will present their photos and videos about Iraq and veterans in USA. They will partecipate in events together with other italian experts and journalists from several universities and associations.

Here is the list of the events:
(Naomi Toyoda and Hitoshi Shimizu will be present at all the events):

2 November 2006 - 18.00
TORINO (Centro Studi Sereno Regis - Via Garibaldi 13)
The international campaign to Ban Depleted Uranium
Screening of "Unknown Terror of DU", video documentary by Naomi Toyoda and Hitoshi Shimizu
With Massimo Zucchetti, professor of nuclear plants at the University of Turin

3 November 2006 - 11.45
GENOVA (Punto Incontro Coop Liguria - Lungobisagno Dalmazia 75 r)
Appeal from Hiroshima for disarmament
With Stefania Divertito, journalist - Paola Manduca, biologist

3 November 2006 - 18.00
GENOVA (Salone S.M.S. D. Orengo - via C. Zugna 2/b - Pontedecimo)
Appeal from Hiroshima for disarmament
With Stefania Divertito, journalist - Paola Manduca, biologist - Valerio Gennaro, epidemiologist

4 November 2006 - 17.00
FIRENZE (Circolo SMS Rifredi - Via Vittorio Emanuele II 303)
Depleted uranium and new weapons
With Francesco Iannuzzelli, PeaceLink - Monica Zoppe', Study group "new weapons", Scientists against war

5 November 2006 - 17:00
MODENA (La Tenda - Viale Molza)
War and "side effects": Depleted uranium and more
With Muhammed Taerq, human rights association of Falluja - Stefania Divertito, journalist - Sigfrido Ranucci, RAI journalist - Francesco Iannuzzelli, PeaceLink - Domenico Leggiero, Filippo Montaperto, Osservatorio Militare - Angelo Fiore Tartaglia, lawyer - parents of the italian soldier Andrea Antonaci

6 November 2006 - 10.00
MODENA (Aula comunale)
Scientific conference: War and "side effects"
On. L. Forcieri, undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence - Dott. C. Nuccetelli,
ISS - Dott. S. Montanari, nanopatologist - On. L. Malabarba, MP - Dott. M. Grandolfo, ISS - Ammiraglio M. Tarabbo - Colonnello R. Rossetti - Dott. A. Benedetti, CISAM - Generale G. Aprea - Dott. V. Gennaro, epidemiologist - Dott. A. Gatti, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

7 November - 16.30
LADISPOLI (Aula Consiliare - Piazza G. Falcone 1)
War pollutes forever. Uranium and more
Con Gino Ciogli, mayor of Ladispoli - Roberto Garau - Stefania Divertito, journalist

For more information about the events and to get in touch with the organisers

Organised by:
- Centro di Documentazione "Semi sotto la neve" - Pisa
- Centro Studi Sereno Regis - Torino
- Comitato pace "E Majorana" di Genova Molassana
- Comitato pace "Rachel Corrie" di Genova Valpolcevera
- Comune di Ladispoli
- Comune di Modena Assessorato alla Cultura e Politiche giovanili
- Consiglio di Circoscrizione V Valpolcevera - Genova
- Infinito edizioni
- Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "Ettore Majorana"
- PeaceLink