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Meet ICBUW's new Researcher - Dave Cullen

After a lengthy recruitment process, ICBUW is happy to introduce its new staff member, Researcher Dave Cullen: a position funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
17 September 2009 - ICBUW

Dave Cullen Hello – I’m Dave Cullen, the new ICUBW researcher. For the last year I have been working at CADU, the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium, who host the ICBUW office in Manchester. At CADU I was employed by Quaker Peace and Social Witness as a Peaceworker, on a programme where you are placed with a UK peace organisation for a year, and had responsibility for running the UK campaign.

I came to CADU following a degree in Politics and International Relations taken in my mid 20s at Oxford Brookes University. I was moved to undertake the degree following the Iraq war, and the disgraceful role played by the UK.

I have previously worked as a Researcher for my Head of Department at Oxford Brookes, with my local Member of Parliament and with campaigning NGO People & Planet. At the time I was familiar with concerns about uranium weapons, but only in passing. The multifaceted nature of the issue, and the degree to which our campaign needs to be fluent in so many types of knowledge, really appeals to me. I think it is also interesting that such a complex issue boils down to very simple moral principles – that the powerful have no right to impose unknown hazards upon the weak – rather than resting on some esoteric debate.

I am looking forward to helping to assembling information that will help to bolster this case. I am very lucky to be coming to the campaign at such a time, when the work of so many campaigners over the years is paying off, and we are beginning to see movement on the international scene. I am particularly looking forward to broadening our knowledge about uranium weapons producers and manufacturers, particularly those in Russia, China and Pakistan, and also to getting to know more about issues surrounding the use of alternative materials.

I relish the opportunity to be part of ICBUW, and look forward to working with you in the future.


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