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Japanese Day of Action Report

In solidarity with our friends across the world, ICBUW members organised events for the International Day of Action to Ban Uranium Weapons in cities all over Japan
14 December 2006 - Katsumi Furitsu

Fukuoka, November 5th : A jazz charity concert for Iraqi children affected by DU weapons was held, together with a video show on DU and a talk by a Japanese Atomic-bomb survivor from Nagasaki. The event was organised by Campaign Fukuoka Against Nuclear & Uranium Weapons.

Street action and signature collecting outside Osaka Station on November 5th

Osaka, November 5th: A street action and signature collection for the petition to Ban Uranium Weapons took place in front of the main train station in Osaka. A meeting was held after the action inviting Mr Ishikawa, a secretary of the Councillor Ms. Fukushima, the president of the SDP. Strategies to approach the Japanese government were discussed. It was organised by several ICBUW member groups based around Osaka, including the Campaign Against Radiation Exposure.

Kanazawa, November 5th: Ms. Moritaki of the NO DU Hiroshima Project, was invited to speak to speak to students at Kanazawa University. Her speech: “An appeal from Hiroshima; the damage by DU weapons that I witnessed in Iraq” was well received. The talk was followed by a signature collection. Between November 3-5th, a photo-exhibition on the dangers of DU weapons was held at the students’ union at Kanazawa University.

Tokyo, November 12th: A public meeting was held, with eleven speakers from various backgrounds including: journalists, NGO members supporting Iraqi children, a lawyer, anti-nuclear activists and ICBUW board members. The DU issue was approached from a wide perspective. Other issues covered included war victims, A-bomb victims, the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear armament. It was organised by Citizens’ Network for Ban on Depleted Uranium Weapons.

Acting as ICBUW-Japan, we have drafted a letter of requests to the Japanese government on DU issues. At some events during the International Day of Action, we introduced the draft and discussed our options for lobbying the government. Our requests include asking the government to back the draft treaty for a ban on DU and to support victims in contaminated areas in Iraq, as well as the issue of DU munitions at the Kadena US base in Okinawa. Our lobbying activities will begin next spring.