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Japan - events marking the day of action against DU

Events in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Osaka will mark the Day of Action in Japan.
18 October 2011 - ICBUW

A Bomb message

October 15, Fukuoka
The International Action Day-related Gathering
Speaker: Katsumi Furitsu
Title: The Future of the Earth and Radiatiaon: Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Chernobyle, Iraq, Fukushima
Organizer: Fukuoka Campaign to Abolish Nuclear and Uranium Weapons

November 13, Tokyo
The International Action Day Gathering
Organizer: Citizens’ Network for Banning DU Weapons
Speakers: Naomi Toyoda (photo-journalist), Hisataka Yamasaki

November 20, Hiroshima
A Photo Booth on the DU problem, produced by NO DU Hiroshima Project, at the International Exchange Gathering
November 23, Osaka
The International Action Day Gathering, Osaka
organized by ICBUW-Japan & Campaign against Radiation Exposure
Speakers: Maki Sato (JIM-NET), Katsumi Furitsu (ICBUW), Kazashi Nobuo (ICBUW)


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