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Japan: depleted uranium events this month.

Campaigners in Japan have arranged three events in Tokyo and Osaka as part of a month long focus on depleted uranium and its use in weapons.
4 November 2013 - ICBUW

ICBUW-Japan  Details of the events are below, for updates follow @ICBUWjapan or visit

November 10th

The 40th commemorative meeting of the Japanese Association of Peace Studies. A Special Package Session: “Nuclear and Disarmament Problems after Fukushima: Focusing on the Radioactive Waste Issues” 
Akira Kawasaki, Co-Director, Peace Boat - Nuclear Disarmament-No-Proliferation and Used Fuels and Radioactive Waste   
Nobuo Kazashi, Prof. of Philosophy, Kobe University - The DU Problem as the Shadow of Nuclear Age

November 16th

The 10th commemorative meeting of the Tokyo Citizens’ Network for NO DU
Nobuo Kazashi, Director, NO DU Hiroshima Project: “The Present Situation and the Prospect of ICBUW’s Campaign; Centering on the Problems of the Report by the Iraqi Ministry of Health and WHO”   
Hisataka Yamasaki, DU Research Project-Tokyo: “On the Problem of Contaminated Water Leakage in Fukushima”

November 23rd 

The International Day of Action in Osaka, commemorating the 10th anniversary of ICBUW’s foundation 
Nobuo Kazashi, board member, ICBUW: “The Present Situation and the Prospect of ICBUW’s Campaign”. A review of ICBUW’s 10 years of activities, discussing the present situation and future strategies.
Katsumi Furitsu, board member, ICBUW: "DU's place in the nuclear fuel cycle". Making the connection between nuclear power and DU munitions in post-Fukushima Japan.

A new booklet on DU will also be introduced: DU Shells: Military Use of Radioactive Waste. Published by Iwanami, the booklet consists of reports and explications written by Nobuo Kazashi, Katsumi Furitsu, Maki Sato, Hiroaki Koide, and featuring photos by Naomi Toyoda.    

The agenda will also feature discussions on the problems with the WHO's recent research in Iraq and the developing international discussion on toxic remnants of war. Other important things to be discussed are the problems of WHO's research in Iraq, the recent international discussion on the TRW/DU and so on.