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Investigation on radioactive radiation by possible bombardment of DU ammunition at the Federal Army test site in Meppen/Emsland

The moorland fire in Meppen, which was triggered by a smoldering fire, kept the forces and residents of the neighboring villages in suspense since the beginning of September.
On September 27th, 2018, the results of pollutant measurements of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Interior were published, which stated that, although carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides were released, no limits were exceeded. However, a few days ago it was reported that the values clearly exceeded the limits.
25 October 2018 - ICBUW

In addition, it could not be assured that in the past, which has been used as a test site for weapons since the late 19th century, no uranium-containing weapons were tested. At least it can be said with certainty that uranium-containing ammunition was stored at the federal army test site.Uranium ammunition is armor-piercing ammunition that contains depleted uranium (DU). The uranium is toxic and radioactive.

moorland fire

The fire from above

It is one of the highest-risk heavy metals, which is a great danger not only to human health but also to the environment. In addition to ICBUW, other organizations have been campaigning for years for uranium ammunition to disappear from the arsenals.The emerging ambiguities in the context of the moorland fire not only stir up fear, but also cause outrage. A few days ago, Bundestag member Katja Keul (Alliance 90 / The Greens) asked the Federal Government whether the Federal Government could rule out that allies had carried out tests with uranium-containing ammunition at the Federal Army test site, releasing radioactive radiation.

ICBUW welcomes this approach to ensure a complete clarification of the events and will observe the developments closely and will be available with expert knowledge inter alia by Prof. Manfred Mohr, the spokesman of ICBUW. It is necessary to oppose tendencies of cover-up and trivialization in dealing with the DU topic, as they have become so typical since the Summer Report from the year 2001 in the Federal Republic.

Even if the suspicion is not confirmed, the problems that uranium ammunition presents in general, the long-term consequences, how to deal with those affected, or in which regions such ammunition is practiced on proving ground, become clear. These and other issues are also currently debating the UN General Assembly in New York, which is also working on a draft resolution in the First Committee.(more information: