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ICBUW Urgent Financial Appeal

ICBUW has issued an urgent appeal for additional funds to support its international campaigning, read on to find out how you can donate.
6 November 2008 - ICBUW

Dear Friends and Members,

since its formation in 2003, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons has made considerable progress towards a uranium weapons treaty. In five years, and thanks to the work of extremely dedicated campaigners, scientists and politicians in dozens of countries we have achieved:

• The world’s first domestic ban on uranium weapons in Belgium.
• Four increasingly powerful resolutions from the European Parliament.
• Two landslide resolutions at the United Nations.

During that time, the Coalition has grown to represent nearly 100 members in 26 countries. We have held conferences and exhibitions in Brussels, Hiroshima and New York and are planning a Latin American Congress on uranium weapons in Costa Rica in 2009. We have held workshops and seminars for diplomats in the United Nations in both Geneva and New York and built partnerships with individual states. We have worked closely with military unions and veterans, with arms researchers and journalists and revealed the financial links between banks and weapon manufacturers. We have sought to publish detailed, reliable and up to date information and maintain our website as a valuable global resource. Our uranium weapons treaty petition has well in excess of 200,000 signatures.

All of this has been funded by small private donations and donations in kind from member organisations. It has been campaigning on a shoestring. ICBUW Steering Committee members are all volunteers and we have only been able to financially support our part-time Coordinator’s post since earlier this year.

In some respects we are now the victims of our own success. We believe that the momentum towards a treaty is now unstoppable. However, as the momentum builds so do the demands on our extremely limited resources.

Should the General Assembly pass this year’s resolution, the next two years will be absolutely crucial for the campaign. In that time we need to extend our coalition and strengthen domestic campaigns around the world; tasks that will demand time, effort and money. We have built up momentum at a governmental level – now is the time for people power.

Thanking you in advance,
Doug Weir (Coordinator).
On behalf of the ICBUW Steering Committee

We urgently require additional funds to support our campaigning work. There are three ways to donate:
Credit/Debit Cards Paypal
Follow the 'Paypal Donate' icon on the right hand menu on this page.

International Transfer
IBAN: GB71 CPBK 0892 9965 2204 69

UK Transfer
Sortcode: 08-92-99
Account number: 6522 0469
Co-operative Bank,
PO Box 101, 1 Balloon Street
UK. M60 4EP

Sterling Cheque
Send Sterling cheques payable to ‘ICBUW’ to:
ICBUW, Bridge 5 Mill,
22a Beswick Street,
Manchester, UK.