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ICBUW Launches Global Disinvestment Campaign

On November 6th 2007 ICBUW member organisations launched a global disinvestment campaign against investments by high street banks and investment companies around the world in the manufacturers of uranium weapons. Read on to find out how you can get involved.
31 October 2007 - ICBUW

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ICBUW already campaigns globally through traditional means for a ban on uranium weapons. This November we will be taking the fight to the arms manufacturers and the bodies that fund them.

In collaboration with Network Flanders and Banktrack, on November 6th 2007, the UN Day for the Prevention of the Exploitation of the Environment Through Armed Conflict, we launched 'Too Risky for Business'** - a dossier detailing how your high street banks are supporting companies that manufacture indiscriminate and illegal weapon systems.

We have created a full activist's tool kit to allow you to challenge your bank to disinvest and isolate these companies, be it through direct action, letter writing or media work.

To find out more about the Day of Action events in your country, please contact

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** please email us for a copy of the "Too Risky for Business" report.


  • Activist Tool Kit

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    Too Risky For Business bank report
    Too Risky For Business bank report abstract
    Model press release
    Model leaflet
    Model letter for banks
    Press kit
    Four jpeg versions of the logo - colour, black and white, grayscale (all for paper printing) and a web version.