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ICBUW Germany: new website and action weekend this autumn

ICBUW Germany has a new home on the web and will be organising a number of events this autumn.
1 September 2014 - ICBUW Germany

ICBUW Germany was founded in September 2013 and represents the German anti-DU network as a part of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons. With its new web presence the network aims to strengthen its efforts to ban uranium weapons and therefore make a contribution against conflict-related environmental damage. There is much work to be done in Germany and the new website intends to support the national petition campaign which emphatically urges the German government and parliament to ban uranium weapons nationally and to support a global ban treaty.  

The website informs visitors about the uranium weapons problem, invites them to take action and includes background material and additional information. In this way ICBUW Germany hopes to keep civil society, politicians and the media up to date about the DU issue. For now, our focus is on this autumn’s UN General Assembly resolution on DU this October.

ICBUW Germany can be found at

Berlin action weekend October 3rd and 4th

Against this background, on October 3rd and 4th, ICBUW Germany is organising an action weekend in Berlin. Within the framework of the Uranium Film Festival ( there will be a special day on uranium weapons and environmental damage as a result of war on October 3rd. On that day, the Film Festival will show films like “Deadly Dust” by Frieder Wagner and “Falluja. Verstrahltes Erbe” by Feurat Alani.

After each film the director and invited experts will discuss the issues raised. Additionally, ICBUW Germany is hosting an expert meeting on the subject “Germany and Uranium Weapons – how does DU affect us?” on October 4th. To complement those events they will be followed by a public action in Berlin, including picket and demonstration, at Brandenburger Tor on October 4th. For more information please click here (German).