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ICBUW Germany established as Uranium Film Festival visits Munich

In late September, German campaigners met in Munich to found ICBUW Germany as the global Uranium Film Festival visited the city.
19 November 2013 - ICBUW Germany

After lengthy preparations the German campaign to ban uranium weapons has made an important step forward. On the 28th of September 2013, a group of committed personalities met up in the “EineWeltHaus” in Munich to found “ICBUW Germany”. The coalition wants to establish a broad national network to support the international campaign to ban uranium weapons. The coalition’s main aims are to strengthen the process of abandoning uranium weapons, to eliminate their consequences and to provide victim assistance.  

Uranium film festival launch L-R Dr. Winfrid Eisenberg (IPPNW), Prof. Peter Horn (LMU München), Claus Biegert (Nuclear Free Future Award), Prof. Manfred Mohr (ICBUW Deutschland), Maurizio Torrealta (Ital. Filmregiseur), Doug Weir (ICBUW int.)

In addition, a new German version of the ICBUW petition was been agreed upon during the launch meeting in Munich. The petition was spread by several web channels on the Day of Action. It addresses the German parliament and government with the campaign’s most important arguments.

For more information and to download the petition please click here.

The meeting coincided with a visit to Munich of the International Uranium Film festival. The Uranium Film Festival, was founded in Rio de Janeiro and with 44 films coming from 14 countries it was dedicated to the whole nuclear chain: from uranium mining to nuclear waste. The goal purposed by the initiators – the nongovernmental organization “Yellow Archives” together with Norbert Suchanek – is to inform about radioactivity, nuclear power and nuclear waste using an artificial and non-ideological embodiment.

Of course also the issue of uranium weapons and other toxic remnants of war have been mentioned in several movies. The disastrous consequences of this kind of weapons has been shown and discussed in films like “Sardiniens tödliches Geheimnis” directed by Birgit Helmes or “Deadly Dust” by Frieder Wagner. Here you can visit the Homepage of the Film Festival for more information.