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ICBUW-Germany at the International Uranium Film Festival, Berlin 2015

The International Uranium Film Festival visited Berlin for the fourth time between the 24th and 30th of September, showing more than 30 films on nuclear issues in the Brotfabrik in Berlin-Wei├čensee.
27 October 2015 - Johanna Meier

As in previous years, ICBUW-Germany and Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) were the cooperating partners to the festival. Festival Director Norbert Suchanek had once again succeeded in programming an extensive and engaging festival schedule, which tackled different uranium issues each day. Film topics ranged from uranium mining to nuclear waste, to atomic bombs and nuclear medicine. A number of events were linked to the showings to all the subjects to be examined and discussed in more detail. The festival began with the gripping movie The Man Who Saved the World, which tells the story of Russian Commander-in-Chief Stanislav Petrov whose actions prevented a nuclear World War.

ICBUW-Germany and IALANA held a thematic special on environmental damage through war and on depleted uranium weapons, which drew a large number of visitors. The event began by examining the issue of Agent Orange in Vietnam, which was documented by the film Lighter than Orange by Matthias Leupold. It then addressed the consequences of the use of depleted uranium weapons during the wars in Iraq, documented by Karin Leukefeld and Markus Matzel in their film Leiser Tod im Garten Eden – Die Folgen der Golfkriege. This valuable input was followed by a lively discussion between peace activists, filmmakers and visitors. Later in the evening the focus shifted to the use of depleted uranium weapons in the Balkans. The movies Friendly Fire – back to the Balkans and Balkan Cancer dealt with responsibilities and consequences for the affected.

The “Yellow Oscar” was awarded to director Marcus Schwenzel for Seven Years of Winter, a short movie about the legacy of the abandoned Chernobyl site.

Yellow Oscars winners Berlin 2015

Awarding the Yellow Oscar: lead actor Roman Knizka, director Marcus Schwenzel, casting director Uwe Bünkel and festival director Norbert Suchanek - Photograph: Marek Karakasevic

The International Uranium Festival presents the unique opportunity to shed light on these important topics and through its art opens new ways of looking at uranium and radioactivity. ICBUW-Germany cordially thanks the organisers Norbert Suchanek and Jutta Wunderlich for a fantastic festival and are looking forward to next year.