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  • Uranium mining's legacy and future in Asia

    The sudden resurgence in interest in nuclear power has caused a huge rise in global uranium prices. It is also clear that the planned increase in the use of nuclear power will encourage states to find alternative uses for depleted uranium waste. Expensive and hazardous to store, the use of waste DU in civilian and military applications is likely to become more attractive.
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW
  • US bill requiring DU health studies passed by House Of Representatives

    On May 11, 2006, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Department of Defense Authorization Bill which contained an amendment by Jim McDermott that requires a comprehensive study on possible health effects from exposure to depleted uranium (DU) on soldiers and their children. This was a real victory.
    29 September 2006 - Gretel Munroe & Tara Thornton
  • Is Belgium Close To A Ban On Uranium Weapons? Part II June 2006

    In February it looked as if Belgium was close to reaching a ban on uranium weapons - the first country in the world to do so. What follows is the latest news on the situation, but first a little reminder of where the Belgian Coalition were up to.

    29 September 2006 - By Willem Van den Panhuysen
  • Toward an Anti-DU Network in Germany Feb 2006

    In October 2005 anti-DU activists met at the IPPNW office in Germany to discuss the possibility of increased co-operation and co-ordination among German organisations and individuals devoted to the abolition of uranium weapons.
    29 September 2006 - Manfred Mohr & Angelika Schuster
  • Greenpeace target European uranium dumpers

    The uranium enrichment multinational Urenco has come under fire from green groups for exporting thousands of tonnes of depleted uranium to Russia, in spite of their appalling safety record and the fact that it is technically illegal.
    29 September 2006 - Doug Weir
  • Uranium Mine Threat to Rare Habitat

    Uranium Mine Threat to Rare Habitat

    Australian anti-nuclear campaigners and green groups are fighting to stop the country's biggest uranium and copper mine from destroying a unique desert ecosystem.
    29 September 2006 - Doug Weir
  • Acts, bills and ATK - our year in the US

    On a national level 2005 saw the re-introduction of two bills on depleted uranium in the U.S. House of Representatives. The first bill, H.R. 2410, The Depleted Uranium Munitions Study Act, calls for studies of the health effects of depleted uranium munitions, as well as the clean-up and remediation of manufacturing and testing sites that have been contaminated by DU.
    29 September 2006 - Gretel Munroe & Tara Thornton
  • Is Belgium Close to a Ban on DU? Part 1
Feb 2006

    Is Belgium Close to a Ban on DU? Part 1 Feb 2006

    There are some interesting and important developments taking place in Belgium, regarding parliamentary initiatives against DU weapons. Here is a short update on the current situation. Dutch or French speakers can find more information, and the complete text of the law proposals with the justification, on the websites: and
    29 September 2006 - Willen Van Den Panhuysen
  • Urgent Appeal from ICBUW: Free the Hostages 12 December 2005

    Four members of Christian Peacemakers Teams, a German archaeologist and her taxi driver are missing in Iraq.
    By Henk van der Keur
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW
  • European Parliament Makes Third Call For Moratorium On Uranium Weapons February 2005

    On the 17th November 2005, the European Parliament issued, for the third time, a call for a moratorium on the use of so-called ‘depleted’ uranium munitions.
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW
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