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  • Was DU Weaponry Used in the Lebanese War of 2006?

    Was DU Weaponry Used in the Lebanese War of 2006?

    The controversy over whether or not the Israelis used DU munitions during their invasion of Lebanon last summer was sparked by an article in the Lebanese Daily Star on August 21.
    13 December 2006 - Gretel Munroe
  • Declaration of the Indigenous World Uranium Summit
Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA

    Declaration of the Indigenous World Uranium Summit Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA

    The Indigenous World Uranium Summit was held between November 30th and December 2nd, ICBUW was represented by Damacio Lopez of IDUST who spoke about the dangers of uranium weapons. More info on the summit below.
    6 December 2006 - ICBUW
  • Australian government launches uranium mining, processing and nuclear energy review

    Australia holds 40 per cent of the world's known low-cost recoverable uranium reserves. Recent rises in the price of uranium have triggered a 'rush for uranium' in the country the initial report from the review sees a government intent on mine and nuclear expansion.
    24 November 2006 - ICBUW
  • Questions Asked in European Council and Commission on DU in Lebanon

    Attached is the text of two questions asked by Dr Caroline Lucas MEP and Els de Groen MEP on the Israel's suspected use of DU in Lebanon.
    23 November 2006 - ICBUW
  • European Parliament Makes Fourth Call for DU Ban

    The European Parliament again adopted a resolution in which they call:
    "upon the EU and its Member States to work hard to ensure that the scope of Protocol III to the CCW on Incendiary Weapons is expanded in order to prevent the further use of white phosphorus shells against military and civilian targets and to stop the use of (depleted) uranium warheads;"(paragr.11)
    22 November 2006 - ICBUW
  • US Judge Gives Go Ahead to Veterans in DU Legal Case Oct 2006

    A New York judge has decreed that veterans can sue the US government for exposing them to DU in Iraq. Download the entire decision as a pdf
    2 October 2006 - ICBUW
  • US DU Shipments Breach Ireland’s Neutral Status Feb 2006

    Depleted uranium ammunition has been carried through Ireland’s Shannon Airport on board US military cargo planes on the way to Iraq, according to a former US soldier. Ireland remains an ostensibly neutral country and has restrictions on what military aircraft can carry when refuelling at its airports.
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW
  • Dutch military in Iraq delays troop transfer from suspected DU contaminated area

    When Dutch marines arrived in a base camp near the town of As Samawah, Iraq, to replace American troops last summer, they measured unacceptably high levels of radioactivity. Yet troop transfer from the area was delayed by three weeks, putting both Dutch and American troops at risk of exposure to depleted uranium (DU).
    29 September 2006 - RISQ
  • Uranium mining's legacy and future in Asia

    The sudden resurgence in interest in nuclear power has caused a huge rise in global uranium prices. It is also clear that the planned increase in the use of nuclear power will encourage states to find alternative uses for depleted uranium waste. Expensive and hazardous to store, the use of waste DU in civilian and military applications is likely to become more attractive.
    29 September 2006 - ICBUW
  • US bill requiring DU health studies passed by House Of Representatives

    On May 11, 2006, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Department of Defense Authorization Bill which contained an amendment by Jim McDermott that requires a comprehensive study on possible health effects from exposure to depleted uranium (DU) on soldiers and their children. This was a real victory.
    29 September 2006 - Gretel Munroe & Tara Thornton
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