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Greek Day of Action after government back UN resolution

Greek campaigners were justifiably pleased after their government shifted from an abstention to a yes vote at the UN First Committee last month.
11 November 2010 - ICBUW

Greek IPPNW affiliate the Greek Medical Association for the Protection of the Environment and against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat marked the International Day of Action with a public meeting whose focus was on the findings of ICBUW recent report - A Question of Responsibility.Maria Sotiropoulou, President discussed the issue at the Vrilissia cultural centre in Athens on November 10.

IPPNW Greece event Maria Sotiropoulou and Prof Pan Karafotias (ex-Director of UN office in Athens) speaking at the Athens event: Nuclear - DU and the economic crisis

Greek NGOs are pleased that their government shifted position on the issue at the recent UN vote. It was felt that NGO pressure had played a role in the decision, in particular a petition promoted by the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights that was signed by 128 Greek organisations including the Greek Medical Association, the Athens Medical Association and the Athens Bar Association. This was sent to the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs on 29th September just ahead of the First Committee meeting in New York.





Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights