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French produced weapons and platforms

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  • OFL 105 F2 APFSDS-T Round

    OFL 105 F2 APFSDS-T Round

    French 105 mm Round, used in the AMX-30 tank. No longer thought to be in service in France, but may have been exported.
  • OFL 120 F2 APFSDS-T round

    OFL 120 F2 APFSDS-T round

    French DU round used by the Leclerc Main Battle Tank. First fielded in 1996, and still in active service

    Next generation French 120mm uranium round. Reported to be under development in the early 2000s, but not thought to be produced in large numbers
  • AMX-30 Tank

    AMX-30 Tank

    French Main Battle Tank, active from the mid 1960s to the 2000s. From the mid 1990s it was equipped with a 105 mm uranium round. No longer in service in France but widely exported.
  • Leclerc Tank

    Leclerc Tank

    The current French Main Battle Tank. Fires the OFL 120 F2 uranium round. Also adopted by the United Arab Emirates.