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Finnish Network Ban Uranium Weapons take DU exhibition underground

After successfully exhibiting Naomi Toyoda's 'The Human Cost of Uranium Weapons' in the Finnish Parliament last year, the Finnish Network Ban Uranium Weapons has now turned a Helsinki subway station into a campaign gallery.
11 November 2008 - ICBUW

Ruoholahti Metro Station is the western end station in Helsinki. The Finnish Network Ban Uranium Weapons (FNBUW) reserved the display cases in August - originally for next January but another organisation cancelled and they were offered the space between the 3rd and 15th November.

Exhibition one.

Although it meant that they missed the First Committee vote - they had hoped it would help pressure the Finnish government into supporting the latest resolution - they could mention it to their Foreign Minister and Chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Committee on Defence when they wrote to thank them for Finland's support in the vote. It all helps to raise the profile of the issue domestically.

Ruoholahti station three

"The vote in the UN First Committee was just before the exhibition, but anyway, maybe, it helps Finland keep her positive vote and urge Finland to cooperate for the final goal, a ban," said Anna-Liisa Matsoff (FNBUW). "Even though the politicians would not have time to see it, they have got the information about it, which means that they realize that the issue gets more publicity."

Ruoholahti station three Seven organisations and movements are regular members in the Finnish Network. Several other peace and environmental organisations and movements have signed their appeal and their letters to the foreign minister at different times. The Ruoholahti exhibition was coordinated by Marika Lohi and Anna-Liisa Mattsoff and hung with the help of Seppo Harjunpää.

"It was quite a job though, but with a happy end: there they are for hundreds of people to see," said Anna-Liisa Matsoff. "Not all of them stop to look, but many do. On Monday a teacher of the International school in Helsinki came to ask if the exhibition had no name. We had not yet had time to put any name or any texts beside the pictures. He said that they were excellent pictures and that he wanted to take his students there."


All photos by: Miikka Pakarinen