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Event report: Uranium weapons: Humanitarian consequences and international campaigning

Report from the exhibition and seminar organised by Handicap International Germany and others into the impact of depleted uranium munitions on April 22nd in Munich.
13 May 2010 - Dr. Eva Maria Fischer

DUst & Death exhibition, Munich

The very well attended lecture event organised to coincide with the photographic exhibition: “DUst & Death” was opened by Berlinner Professor Manfred Mohr - an expert in international law and member of the steering committee of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW). Prof Mohr gave an introduction to the DU topic and the state of art of our scientific understanding of the health hazards they pose.

HI Lecture on DU, Germany

Prof. Mohr then announced that in Germany a campaigning network is being formed at present – in a similar model to Belgium, the Nordic countries and the UK.

Ria Verjauw – also a member of ICBUW’s steering committee – was happy to report on an exceptionally successful network: the Belgian campaign reached the prohibition of the production, stockpiling, trade and use of uranium weapons by the Belgian government.