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Depleted uranium presentation at Finnish Social Forum

Last month ICBUW Coordinator Doug Weir spoke on depleted uranium weapons at the Finnish Social Forum in Helsinki.
15 May 2014 - ICBUW


The well-attended seminar at the Finnish Social Forum was organised by Naiset Rauhan Puolesta (Women for Peace Finland) and came as Finnish campaigners have been busy discussing their national advocacy strategy on DU ahead of this autumn’s UN General Assembly resolution on the weapons.

Doug at the Social Forum Following an introduction to the weapons for those not familiar with them (presentation below), Doug reviewed some of the key issues relating to their use and legacy that have emerged from research undertaken by ICBUW and its members. Finland’s current position on DU was also discussed, as was their recent support for UN resolutions on the issue, which came about after tireless advocacy from Women for Peace, in particular from their long-time member Anna-Liisa Matsoff, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

A lengthy Q&A session followed on how best to proceed with the national campaign; also high on the agenda were Finland’s uranium mining interests. The strategy discussions continued over the next couple of days during meetings with Finnish peace and disarmament organisations. Prior to arriving in Finland, Doug had visited Stockholm for meetings with Swedish campaigners, frustrated by their government’s persistent abstention on the UN resolutions.