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Germany: events in Munich and Kassel

Campaigners in Germany were involved in a series of events to mark the Day of Action 2013.
19 November 2013 - ICBUW Germany

Depleted Uranium in Iraq – Event on the topic of 10 years war in Iraq | 10-30-2013

How does the population in Iraq live with the permanent threats of anti-personnel-mines, cluster munitions and depleted uranium? Why are there Conventions on Anti-Personnel-Mines and Cluster Munitions, but not on Uranium Weapons? What is the position of the German government? What can we do here in Germany? These questions formed the core topic of the event organised by Handicap International and ICBUW on 30th of October 2013.

HI Munich 10 jahre Irak

Presentations given by ARD-correspondent Thomas Aders as well as experts from Handicap International, IPPNW and ICBUW provided competent insights into the situation on the ground and campaign activities in Germany. The varied programme was supplemented by short films and Iraqi live music. More Information about the event, the attendant experts and the programme are available here

Awareness-raising in the center of Kassel | 11-09-2013

Kassel info stand More than 100 new supporters of the Petition to Ban Uranium Weapons in less than two and a half hours: that was the result of an event organized by the Friedensforum Kassel. In the course of the Global Day of Action activists went to the central market of Kassel to inform and discuss about the fatal impact of Uranium Weapons. Most of the people they talked to were open to the topic and keen to give their signature. A successful day and a good reason to hope for a successful ICBUW campaign in Germany.   

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