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Day of Action event in Greece

The Greek Medical Association for the Protection of the Environment and against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat will be holding a public meeting in Athens on November 6th.
3 November 2009 - ICBUW

Prof Alice Marangopoulou
(Marangopoulos Human Rights Foundation) - Legal action against NATO for its use of uranium weapons in the Balkans.

Mr Antonis Roupakiotis (ex-President of the Lawyers Association) – historical context of the Balkan conflict.

Prof Christos Markopoulos (Nuclear Physicist) - the science of uranium weapons.

Maria Arvaniti Sotiropoulou (President, Greek Affiliate of IPPNW) - the destruction of human health and the environment from the use of DU.

George Stavtopoulos (President, Association of Judges) - the legal basis of the action in the International Court.

Demetris Paxinos (President, Lawyers Association) - actions of the Association of Lawyers against all nuclear weapons.

Followed by discussions and conclusions.

Location: Hall of The Union Press (ESHEA), Athens.
Time: 19.00