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Costa Rica to ban depleted uranium weapons

President of the Latin American Parliament’s Human Rights Commission and member of Costa Rica’s legislative assembly Alexander Mora Mora today released a draft for a comprehensive ban on uranium weapons in Costa Rica.
4 March 2009 - ICBUW

Alexander More Mora Alexander Mora Mora, speaking at the launch of the Latin American Conference on Uranium Weapons

Mora Mora, a member of the Partido Liberacion Nacional and keen advocate for peace and non-violence, estimates that the bill could become law in under a year and hopes that it will attract cross party support. Parliamentarians have been inspired by Belgium’s decision to ban uranium weapons and armour in a unanimous vote passed in 2007. Belgium’s ban will come into force this June.

“Every domestic campaign needs heroes and Alexander Mora Mora has stepped into this role in Costa Rica,” said an ICBUW spokesperson. “Although our member organisations here have been working closely with the legislature’s members for some time, Mora Mora is the driving force behind this text and we hope that its impact will spread far beyond the boundaries of Costa Rica.”

It is anticipated that the Costa Rican ban text will be written into a 1995 law controlling explosive weapons. If it successfully negotiates the state’s unicameral legislature, the text will ban the use, sale, transit, production and distribution of uranium weapons in Costa Rica and its exclusive economic zone.