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Chinese Norinco Tanks with 125mm gun

China has reportedly developed DU ammunition at this calibre

Chinese Type 99 Tank

There have been numerous reports that China has developed, or will be developing DU based 125mm armour piercing rounds. It is difficult to confirm information about Chinese military capabilities, but ICBUW believes that these reports are credible.

If correct this ammunition could presumably be fielded by the following tanks:

The Norinco Type 98 tank is fitted with a 125mm smoothbore gun and a chassis based on the Soviet T-72 tank. The Type 99 (pictured) has replaced the Type 98, but it is thought that the gun is the same.

The Norinco Type 90-II tank was built in collaboration with Pakistan and the Ukraine. It is fitted with a 125mm gun and is thought to mainly be produced for export. ICBUW is not aware of any evidence that China has exported any of its DU ammunition, but both nations are thought to already be in possession of DU ammunition.

The Norinco Type 85-III and 85-IIM tanks appear to share common ammunition specifications, and are said to both be compatible with T-72 ammunition. This may mean that these tank models are not compatible with APFSDS rounds for the Types 98, 99 and 90. About 300 Type 85-IIM tanks are thought to have been exported to Pakistan. This model is also said to field a tungsten based APFSDS-T round.