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Chinese Norinco Tanks with 105mm gun

China has reportedly developed DU ammunition at this calibre

Chinese Type 80 Tank

There have been numerous reports that China has developed DU based 105mm armour piercing rounds. It is difficult to confirm information about Chinese military capabilities, but ICBUW believes that these reports are credible.

If correct this ammunition could presumably be fielded by the following tanks:

The Norinco Type 85-II, which fields a 105mm rifled gun thought to be similar to the L7/M68 gun fielded in the original M1 Abrams tank, and also by predecessors to the UK's Challenger tanks (it may be that the Chinese gun is a replica of the L7). The name of this gun is thought to be Type 83.

The Norinco Type 80 (pictured) and Type 79 are fitted with the same gun as the Type 85-II. Tungsten based APFSDS-T rounds are also available for this gun.

The Norinco Type 59 is fitted with the same 105mm gun in the standard model. An upgrade is also available with a 120mm smoothbore gun, compatible with NATO standard ammunition. The provenance of this gun is not known, but ICBUW has not seen any evidence that 120mm DU ammunition is fielded by China.

Norinco also manufacture two tank destroyers which field 105mm guns. It is not known whether this is the same Type 83 gun fitted to the above tanks.