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Chinese 125mm APFSDS-T Norinco Ammunition

No technical information is available, but there are credible reports of DU based ammunition at this calibre

Chinese Type-99 Tank

There have been numerous reports that China has developed, or will be developing DU based 125mm armour piercing rounds for Type 98, Type 90-II, and Type 99 tanks (pictured).

It is difficult to get definitive information about the Chinese military, and no technical specifications are available. Jane's affirms that a 125mm penetrator has been developed for the Type 98 and Type 99, but only lists information about tungsten-based rounds.

ICBUW believes that these reports are credible, and that DU likely plays some role in the Chinese arsenal.

In 1998 it was reported in the Pakistani press that large numbers of DU rounds had been imported from China. It is not known whether China has exported DU ammunition to other countries.