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Candle message from Hiroshima: Ban DU Next!

On November 16th in a continuation of its month of action against uranium weapons, ICBUW Japan used 1000 candles to send a message from Hiroshima to the world - Ban DU Next!
18 November 2008 - ICBUW (Kazashi Nobuo)

On the evening of Nov. 16 the message of Ban DU Next was formed with 1,000 candles at the Plaza by the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. On Dec. 3 the Cluster Munitions Ban Treaty is to be signed in Oslo, and around the same time a decisive, follow-up DU (depleted uranium) resolution will be voted on at the UN General Assembly. Thus, about 200 people including passers-by gathered to send out the Ban DU Next message to Oslo-New York and around the world.

Candle Message from Hiroshima: BAN DU NEXT

Photo by: Takekatsu Tamuro. Click on it to zoom in.

The event was one of a series of events related to the International Joint Action Day organized by ICBUW.

In addition to music performances, appeals from various people and groups were presented including one from Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima as well as one by Kasim Turki, an Iraqi humanitarian worker, who is engaged in a one-month talk-tour in Japan, appealing about the horrendous situation in his home country. Mayor Akiba’s appeal emphasized: “the 21st century is an age in which problems of global scale can be resolved by the power of citizens and cities. In this sense it is very significant that this Ban DU Next message is sent out today with hope for peace.”
Let's spread the message: "Ban DU Next"!