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Campaigners celebrate the best Uranium Film Festival Berlin ever

That is the resume – as stated by Prof. Manfred Mohr, Spokesman of ICBUW Germany – at the closing event held on the 15. October 2017. And he has to know it: The International Uranium Film Festival – IUFF ( ) – was in Berlin for the sixth time and ICBUW took part since the beginning.
9 March 2018 - ICBUW Germany

It all began in relatively small “offstage”-like venues with sometimes moderate public response. Now, with the Kulturbrauerei, a perfect location has been found. The auditorium was always full, sometimes even sold out. After the opening film about the topics Hiroshima and Fukushima, a discussion rose within the audience, which was shaped by its huge and wide expert knowledge. It was possible to directly witness an expertise, with regard to the problematic of Uranium Weapons, which is not likely to manifest itself somewhere else.

left to right: Experts Henk van der Keur and Prof. Manfred Mohr, moderator Heiner Bücker, journalists Marius Münstermann, Tatjana Mischke

Left to right: Experts Henk van der Keur and Prof. Manfred Mohr, moderator Heiner Bücker, journalists Marius Münstermann and Tatjana Mischke.

An excellent addition had been found with the Zeiss-Großplanetarium in the Prenzlauer Allee. It was here, where the ICBUW special event took place at the 15. October 2017, with the screening of the film „Uranwaffeneinsatz: Umweltzerstörung durch Krieg (von Balkan bis Nahost)“ (“The use of Uranium Weapons: Environmental destruction through war (from the Balkans to the middle east)”). It was, in a particularly successful manner, connected with activities of IPPNW (the Hibakusha-Exhibition, film presentation).

The event was well attended, mostly by young people, at a bright, sunny autumn afternoon. After the two impressive films on the DU-issue, the podium came into play: With the journalists Marius Münstermann and Tatjana Mischke, the experts Prof. Manfred Mohr and Henk van der Keur and with the moderator Heiner Bücker. The Discussion focused on the DU-situation in Ex-Yugoslavia (among others on the planned Kosovo-project by ICBUW) and the role of the media relating to the DU-matter.

All this was under the impression of the approval of the nuclear weapons ban treaty (Ban Treaty) and the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN (Int. Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), with which we are united through good cooperation. After a relative closure of the gap regarding nuclear weapons, the question is: When will Uranium Weapons finally be outlawed by treaty? This could be maybe discussed at the IUFF 2018 in Berlin, for which the planning has already begun. So far, reciprocal impulses emanate from the IUFF towards the work of ICBUW and vice versa.