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CADU to Target Brimar on November 6th

The UK Campaign Against Depleted Uranium and campaign group Target Brimar will be paying a visit to arms manufacturer Brimar on November 6th.
16 October 2009 - ICBUW

CADU logo Brimar is a Greater Manchester based company that manufactures a range of screens and viewing equipment, including specialist cathode ray tubes. Although Brimar makes some equipment and components for civilian uses, it has come to mainly specialise in military devices.

Brimar�s devices are found in fighter planes, attack helicopters, tanks, armoured vehicles and ground-based missile launchers.

Many US and UK vehicles that fire DU weapons use display screens manufactured by Brimar, including Challenger and Abrams tanks, Bradley and Stryker armoured vehicles and A10 Thunderbolt aircraft.

Target Brimar M1 Abrams

In tanks and other armoured vehicles, Brimar�s screen and display equipment allow the occupants to see what�s going on outside and to aim weaponry at targets. In aircraft, components made by Brimar are used in �head-up�, �head-down� and helmet-mounted displays, used to aim and fire weapons.

With products in a wide range of military machinery it is no surprise that Brimar�s devices have been in use in many wars and conflicts across the globe.

Israeli Apache helicopter pilots in Gaza, US marines in tanks in Fallujah, British Apache pilots in Afghanistan, and US fighter pilots over Iraq all aim and fire their deadly weaponry with display equipment made at Brimar�s factory in Chadderton.

A dossier containing more information on Brimar is available below.


We will be there to greet the Brimar workers on their way to work, meet by 7.30am at Brimar's factory in Chadderton (see below for directions), and also on their way home, meet by 3.30pm at the same location.

Where is Brimar?
Brimar�s head office and factory are on Greenside, off Greengate Way, Chadderton, Oldham � just outside the M60 ring road.

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How to get there
It is only a 25 minute bus ride (or train and short walk) or 40 minute cycle from Manchester city centre. Bus numbers 112 (from Piccadilly/Oldham Street Stop B), 80 (from Church St/The Unicorn, Stop CB), Get off the bus at the second stop after the bridge over the M60, walk backwards to the first turning off Greengate at the traffic lights, and Brimar is about 50 yards further on the left. Train to Moston from Victoria � out of the station turn left and then at the roundabout take the dual carriageway over the Mancunian Way and directions as above (15 minute walk).