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Belgian Day of Action - November 25th

Following on from their letter writing campaign, on November 25th the Belgian Coalition Ban Uranium Weapons will be holding street actions in Brussels and visiting the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, read on for more details.
13 November 2008 - ICBUW

The Belgian Coalition ‘Stop Uranium Weapons’ is the umbrella organisation for 26 Belgian NGOs working on uranium weapons. The Coalition will hold its Action Day in Brussels on November 25, 2008.

The focus of the action will be upcoming UN General Assembly vote on the second uranium weapons resolution. In spite of introducing a domestic ban on the weapons, Belgium has abstained at all three UN votes, most recently on October 31st at the UN First Committee.

Belgian scientists, supportive national and European politicians and members of the Belgian Coalition will meet with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense at the Ministry in Brussels to convince them of the seriousness of the DU issue and demand that they vote in favour of the UN resolution in December during the General Assembly in New York.

Several other actions’ in the centre of Brussels will take place and press and the media will be invited to cover the events.

For more detailed information contact:

Willem 0473 71 75 18

or Ria 0474 75 66 68

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