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Belgian campaigners turn their attention on France on International Action day

Having persuaded their government to ban uranium weapons, the Belgian Coalition Stop Uranium Wapens! has decided to start work on its neighbours - France.
27 October 2009 - ICBUW

Belgian Coalition Logo France is the only European country that currently produces and sells DU weapons. On November 6th 30 Belgian NGOs will ask the French government to immediately stop the production of DU weapons. They will also be demanding that they respect the European Parliament's May 2008 call for an end to the use and testing of uranium weapons and independent research into their effects on human health and the environment.

It is expected that President Nicolas Sarcozy and French DU weapon manufacturers Nexter will take part in the street action in Brussels. They will of course also be joined by the media. The Belgian Coalition will hand over its demands to the French Embassy and later on visit the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - to encourage them to spread the message of a world without uranium weapons far and wide.

For more information on the event contact: Willem Van den Panhuysen


Arms manufacturers Nexter: