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Answer from the European Council on the possible use of DU in Lebanon.

Late last year MEPs asked both the European Council and the European Commission for a response on the possible use of DU in Lebanon and what steps they had taken to challenge Israel over these allegations.
22 January 2007 - ICBUW

(22 December 2006)

The Council is aware of recent media allegations on the use, during the recent armed conflict between Israel and Lebanon, of Depleted Uranium Ammunition. This type of weaponry is so far not regulated by any multilateral instrument in the area of non-proliferation and disarmament. International experts have not yet reached common conclusions on the effects on health of radiations produced by ammunitions containing depleted uranium. There have been no specific contacts so far with the UNEP on this matter. EU Member States have received these findings with the report which the Honourable Member refers to but the samples taken by the UNEP scientists show no evidence of penetrators or metal made of DU or other radioactive material.

The Council has not taken any measure at this stage, but it may consider precautionary measures to protect EU citizens and other humanitarian workers if any future report contains serious indications about the health effects of these weapons.