Solidarity message from the Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons

To all participants of the Latin American Conference on Uranium Weapons in Costa Rica

Dear organizers, speakers and participants of the conference,

We, the members of the Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons, send our greetings to all participants of this significant conference, and our best wishes for a successful conference and for future work with the goal of banning uranium weapons.

The Nordic Network was founded in Oslo on 9th November last year. Norway, Iceland and Finland supported the UN resolution in December, on continuing and updating research on the effects of uranium weapons. Our goal is now to persuade Sweden and Denmark to join the other Nordic countries and have a stronger voice in the future work for our common goal.

We wish the conference success in raising awareness in Latin America of the destructiveness and inhumanity of uranium weapons, and in urging people and countries in the Americas to call for a ban on these arms.

with best regards

For the Nordic Network Against Uranium Weapons

Anita Lilburn, Sweden, Susanne Urban, Norway, Gudridur Sigurbjörnsdottir, Iceland, Anna-liisa Mattsoff, Finland