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New animated short on DU: When the Dust Settles

ICBUW and IKV Pax Christi have been working on a joint project to create an animated short film on the hazards of depleted uranium and the international campaign against its use and are happy to announce that the English language version has now been completed.
3 February 2011 - ICBUW

The aim of the project was to render down a complex issue into six and a half minutes. At present the animation is available in English and Dutch, we hope that additional languages will be available in future.

Both versions are available from our Youtube channels at the links below. ICBUW can also provide copies for use at events and to help support your national campaigns.

English version:

Dutch version:

We are extraordinarily grateful to everyone who has helped work on the animation and ask that you help circulate the links above via your networks.


IKV Pax Christi: