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M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System

A new US weapons system utilising old DU rounds and the M68 cannon

M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System











The M1128 was introduced into US service in 2006. It is a mobile artilery piece, using the same 105mm M68 gun as the M60 Patton and the original M1 Abrams tanks. It is manufactured by General Dynamics.

The Stryker can fire four different types of ammunition. The M900 armour piercing DU round was already in the US inventory (it had been designed for the M1 Abrams), as was the M468A2 high explosive, anti-tank round.

In addition, two new rounds have been produced for the Stryker - the M393A3 High Explosive Projectile round, manufacturerd by Mecar of Belgium, and the M1040 anti-personnel canister round, Manufacturerd by L-3